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3 reasons you shouldn't outsource your startup, and what to do instead

May 21, 2015starting up

The dream forms over time

January 27, 2015starting up

How we're trying to stay innovative as a 3.5 year old startup

May 3, 2014starting up

The choices we make when we build startups

April 20, 2014starting up

The Yin and Yang of a great co-founder relationship

March 16, 2014starting up

Firing myself, again

January 26, 2014starting up

6 suggestions for an aspiring founder

July 22, 2013starting up

Dreams come true

April 18, 2013starting up

The undervalued advantages of being a small startup

April 15, 2013starting up

5 things that seem essential that we launched Buffer without

April 1, 2013starting up

Want to help your hometown? Pack up and leave

March 20, 2013starting up

The third option

February 21, 2013starting up

Make progress faster by cooperating: 4 tips to try with your co-founder or co-worker

February 13, 2013starting up

The paradox of how bugs and downtime can be a good thing

January 14, 2013starting up

How to gain traction in two sided markets

January 4, 2013starting up

Focus on the line, not the dot

January 2, 2013starting up

The highs and lows of startup life

December 28, 2012starting up

Thinking about your goal with a startup

December 16, 2012starting up

Feeling like a fraud while doing startups

December 3, 2012starting up

The maker/manager transition phase

November 19, 2012starting up

What are your top 3 challenges?

November 5, 2012starting up

Start something small

November 2, 2012starting up

Thoughts on dropping out to do a startup

October 28, 2012starting up

The magic of a great startup ecosystem

October 14, 2012starting up

Maximize your excitement

October 2, 2012starting up

Thoughts on when to incorporate

September 29, 2012starting up

How an investor who turned me down ended up sleeping on my couch

September 22, 2012starting up

Why you should continue working on your bad idea

September 1, 2012starting up

Why I'm helping startup founders

July 28, 2012starting up

Achieving overnight success: Tom Preston-Werner

July 21, 2012starting upovernight success

Your startup is a rocket ship

July 1, 2012starting up

Don't register your idea as a company

June 24, 2012starting up

Making money with a product: A myth?

June 13, 2012starting up

Use the happiness advantage

June 10, 2012starting up

For the first few people, hire from your network

May 27, 2012starting up

What online gaming taught me about startups

May 19, 2012starting up

Work harder on yourself than you do on your startup

May 12, 2012starting up

Achieving overnight success: Kevin Systrom

May 5, 2012starting upovernight success

Raising funding as a first-time founder

February 26, 2012starting up

Avoid the 50/50 co-founder model - here's why

January 10, 2012starting up

10 lessons from my startup journey so far

December 19, 2011starting up

Achieving scale by doing things that don't scale

November 14, 2011starting up

Like anything else, we need to practice startups

August 28, 2011starting up

Founders: failure comes with the territory

July 31, 2011starting up

Does location really matter for your startup?

July 24, 2011starting up

Why you should start marketing early

June 26, 2011starting up

Reflecting on ways to bootstrap a startup

June 19, 2011starting up

What is your coming soon page for?

June 12, 2011starting up

Beware of the social ideas

May 29, 2011starting up

How to start your startup in 4 steps

May 15, 2011starting up

Giving your startup a point of view

April 17, 2011starting up

Treat it as finished

April 3, 2011starting up

Acting with incomplete information in a startup

March 27, 2011starting up

Healthy naivety

March 20, 2011starting up

Fear of not shipping

March 13, 2011starting up

Creating order from chaos in a startup

March 6, 2011starting up

Ways to bootstrap a startup: on the side

January 23, 2011starting up

Ways to bootstrap a startup: 'working in waves'

December 5, 2010starting up

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