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October 2, 2012starting up

I’m a huge believer of the lean startup movement and the concept of validating ideas as quickly as possible. I think wasted time and resources are disastrous and no matter how much you love an idea, if it isn’t growing and becoming viable to build further, the fun won’t last. However, what I urge you to do is focus on the lean startup notion of your startup idea being a hypothesis.

Since your idea is a hypothesis, you can make it whatever you want. Think big, get excited by your idea. It will be amazing. Sure, you’re going to go ahead and validate it, but at least start by trying to validate that you could work on something really damn cool.

Do what you want. Build something that the thought of makes you jump out of bed each morning. Test the assumptions and make changes based on what was incorrect, but out of the possible options for the next path, choose to first try the path which maximizes your excitement.

Photo credit: Michael Wallace

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