§ My notes taxonomy

§ My note taking system

  • Fleeting Inboxes
    • Quickly save things on the fly, which may or may not move into my overall knowledge system
    • I periodically clear and tidy up my Fleeting Inboxes as part of Project Simplify and a regular Note Taking Spring Clean.
  • Working Notes
  • Clippings
    • Specific saved atomic item for a piece of media, with some of my own thoughts
  • Topic Notes
    • A description of a concept I have given some thought to, often referring to clippings
  • Outline Notes
    • A note containing a list of other notes within an overall category that’s relevant to me. These are like the indexes or tables of contents scattered throughout § My note taking system.
  • Tags
    • Keyword tags which I can add almost anywhere, purely to help with densely linking my notes. These aren’t real links, and may not even be that useful (I am somewhat undecided). They allow me to jump around easily and gather related ideas and get more inspiration.

I use the § symbol to indicate that this note is an Outline Note. Learn more.