Fleeting Inboxes

Fleeting Inboxes is my interpretation and adaptation of Fleeting Notes for § My note taking system.

I have a number of inboxes which I consider “fleeting”.

Fleeting Notes:

  • Twitter bookmarks
  • Kindle highlights
  • Instagram saved
  • Notes app
  • Bear Journal entries
  • Day One entries
    • I’ve actually retired Day One in favor of all journal entries in Bear
  • Bear Scratchpads
  • Meeting notes in buffer / personal Bear sections

Fleeting Inboxes (ones I try to drain fully):

  • Raindrop uncategorized + untagged bookmarks
    • Raindrop Categorized bookmarks are Clippings
  • Pocket
  • Reeder RSS feeds
  • Kindle Highlights
    • Need to figure out how to “drain” it
    • My attempt:
      • Set up Readwise to gather all highlights (kindle highlights + article highlights via raindrop + pocket)
      • Set up Mailbrew to send daily email with highlights
        • It really depends if this is 3 newest, or 3 at random
      • Receive Mailbrew digest in Reeder, so it can be drained

Related: 𝍌 Inboxes only work if you trust how they’re drained

There may even be more fleeting inbox locations I don’t have listed here, because I believe a key requirement of fleeting inboxes is that they are immediately to hand, and help you get immediately back to what you are doing. They should be very low friction, and this is why I have some native “saving” locations listed here, such as Twitter bookmarks, Instagram saved and Kindle highlights.

Items in fleeting inboxes simply caught my attention, and nothing really more. It could be more, but at the point it is added to a fleeting inbox, I do not need to think about it further, and can be comfortable with it amounting to something, or nothing.

It’s important that I periodically go through each of my fleeting inboxes in order to convert some of those items to Clippings, because 𝍌 Inboxes only work if you trust how they’re drained.