Outline Notes

Outline Notes are my implementation of Maps of Content notes.

Part of § My note taking system.

Concepts for Outline Notes

  • An Outline Note will generally always be a list of other notes
  • I start Outline Notes with the § symbol.
  • Notes can appear in multiple Outline Notes
  • If a note is important, it will eventually be listed in some sort of Outline Note, or be linked from other Topic Notes
  • Outline Notes become the centralized notes in my decentralized system of notes. See Maps of Content.
  • § Notes Index is my Outline Note of Outline Notes. The top-level note, the most central node of my system.
  • Outline notes are stored with Topic Notes, they have no separate tag. The only thing that designates a note as an Outline Note is that it starts with §. This allows fluidity between states of a note.

Other ideas around Outline Notes


This is inspired by Andy Matuschak who uses the § symbol at the beginning of any MOC type note, and calls them “outlines”. Some really good insights from him in these notes:

Within the Zettelkasten approach, Outline Notes provide the key “entry points” into the overall system of notes.