Clippings are my interpretation of Literature Notes for § My note taking system.

Clippings are atomic notes which are purely for that particular piece of media, location, product, etc.

My current list of clipping types:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Game
  • Person
  • Place
  • Podcast
  • Product
  • Quote
  • Recipe
  • Tweet
  • Video

Each of these types of clipping are tagged with a sub-tag of the type. I have set up Apple Text Expansion to make it easy to add the clipping hashtag and the Links to this note section to enable back linking.

There’s some debate to be had about whether it’s that useful to have all these “categories” and tag them separately, but for now it feels useful and intuitive and is quite nice to see in the Bear sidebar.

Some previous reflections that helped me evolve my thinking (though are now a bit out of date): Journal Entry - November 8, 2021 at 1.05pm.