Why I keep my digital garden and blog content in the same system

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Keeping my blog in a separate system encourages me to start with a blank page, because at some point I do. Even if I am purely copy-pasting from my Bear notes, the act of doing so into a blank text box brings in a blank page to the process. And there may be refinement of formatting that needs to be done.

There should not be a large difference in the formatting of my published articles and my digital garden. This encourages a seamless graduation of certain content from the digital garden to a published piece.

And since all of the content ultimately just lives in my notes app Bear, it means that I work in one single writing system for all types of notes, all the way up to published pieces.

Published pieces would have some metadata at the top, in exactly the format that Eleventy can interpret as “this is a blog post” and “this is the publish date to use”.

Digital garden notes don’t have a published date, but can have a “Planted” and “last tended”. Worth looking into those analogies.

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