How my note taking system and my digital garden co-exist

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They’re in some ways different dimensions on the same set of notes, or different combinations of the same notes.

It makes sense for a portion of Topic Notes and a portion of Clippings to be public in the digital garden.

It doesn’t make sense for fleeting notes to be in the digital garden, but I can share that they exist privately.

There’s clearly some intermediate between Fleeting Notes and Topic Notes, as I would never want to link to a Fleeting Note from a Topic Note, but I would want to link to a Fleeting Note from an intermediate note. Maybe it’s a Topic Inbox note right now, but should have a different name. Like Topic Draft Note, or maybe just Draft Notes. They’re much more work in progress, much more raw. There’s a bar for a Topic Note. It’s much less than a blog post, but there’s still a bar. And I should have a clear place for things below that bar.