Private is a label for any topic notes

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The #topic/private tag a label to be applied to any type of topic note, rather than a specific type of topic note itself. I can have private outline notes, private topic notes, etc.

So they should get filtered out from evergreen and outline notes, rather than making all of evergreen and outline public, and only private notes private. I need to cross-reference and remove the notes from evergreen and outline for the digital garden.

So I can go through the evergreen and outline notes and choose which are private, and then I’ll figure out a way to ensure those don’t go through to Eleventy.

Done in this way, something can much more fluidly go from private to public, it’s just taking off that label.

And by default everything is public.

Topic notes are public by default.
Fleeting notes are private by default.
Clippings are up for debate. They’re currently private by default but an argument could be made for public by default.

Most likely the reference links made are from public topic note to public clipping, and from private topic note to private clipping. So it makes sense to align both as public by default.

So I need to start bringing clipping notes across to the digital garden.

Eventually, I could differentiate in style between clipping notes and topic notes. That would enhance the experience. There can be a tag, that links to my Topic Notes or Clippings notes.

And then, I could also make Fleeting Notes optionally public with a tag, too.

Even working notes could become public with a tag. Private by default too.

Fleeting: Private by default, public through tag
Working: Private by default, public through tag
Topic: Public by default, private through tag
Outline: Public by default, private through tag