Note taking system habits

I’m finding it’s important to have some habits to ensure that I have time to keep my notes organized, etc.

It’s important that I go through the fleeting notes of the week and graduate some of them to clippings or topics (or create new clippings or topics that come to mind when reviewing the fleeting notes).

Some fleeting notes are inboxes that should be drained. See: 𝍌 Inboxes only work if you trust how they’re drained.

Here’s my current approach / goal:

If I find myself linking to a note that is currently a fleeting note (e.g. a journal entry), that’s a sure sign that it should probably graduated and be a more permanent note; e.g. Clippings or Topic Notes. Whether in the moment or later on in a review, it would be ideal to take a moment to create a new note and restructure the linking, etc.

Consider: perhaps have an Archive tag or category, to place some items in. This could help keep the overall system cleaner. Inspired by PARA.