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I just finished a super valuable and fun Buffer marketing leadership meetup here in Boulder with Hailley and Simon. We were also fortunate to have Maria join us for a day to discuss product strategy overlap and go to market.

I’m always reminded of the intangible impact of the casual conversations and getting to know each other as humans that mostly happens over lunches, dinners and walking between places.

We’re coming away with a ton of clarity on how the year is going to play out with some significant product and company launches, as well as a variety of ways we’re going to level up marketing overall across content, growth, website, emails, and our pitches and narratives. We’re feeling confident that we can have a better year than ever on the marketing side.

The in person time gets me very excited to see the whole Buffer team for real at our company retreat in Cancún, Mexico less than two months 🎉 💚