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2023 was a transformative year for the Buffer product. We launched countless improvements and have made commitments to modernize the product, add flexibility, and always be on top of new networks to help you navigate fluidly and win in the shifting landscape of social media.

Here are the 11 most popular improvements we shipped last year: β€Š Buffer AI Assistant πŸ€– β†’ Generate new posts, repurpose existing posts, and come up with endless new ideas.

Mastodon Support 🐘 β†’ Buffer supports Mastodon scheduling!

Schedule Instagram Stories πŸ“½ β†’ Full automatic scheduling for Instagram Stories.

Improved Emoji Picker ✌️ β†’ Autocomplete functionality and rich-text editing.

Manage and schedule YouTube Shorts ▢️ β†’ Schedule all your videos to YouTube Shorts with Buffer.

Connect your Instagram Creator account πŸ”Œ β†’ Now connect your Instagram Creator account in Buffer.

Open Beta Program πŸ”“ β†’ Get early access to our new features and help us improve them.

Facebook Reels SchedulingπŸ“± β†’ Buffer supports full scheduling for Facebook Reels.

Add Notes to your Content πŸ“ β†’ Add notes and start discussions with your team.

Keep Content Organized with Tags 🏷️ β†’ Tags unlock a whole new level of content organization and workflows.

Revamped Zapier Integration ⚑️ β†’ Support for adding Ideas and Drafts to Buffer, Pinterest, publishing multiple images and video, and support for alt text.

We have even bigger plans for 2024. What would you like to see us add or improve in Buffer?