Individual note structure

§ My note taking system

I try to keep my notes as simple as possible, to avoid overhead of creating new notes, while also balancing the benefits of some overall structure for organization and discovery.

Each note has a title, which has a H1 markdown heading. For fleeting notes, these are auto-generated and can be a bit more obscure. For Clippings and Topic Notes, they are much cleaner. See: Evergreen note titles are like APIs.

Then there’s the body of the note. This can and should contain links to other notes, or entities - Clippings.

Finally, there’s the footer of the note. This is where I’ll have tags. There are two types of tags I utilize:

  • A tag for the categorization of the note itself. E.g. clipping/recipe, or buffer/meetings/1-1.
  • Multiple tags for keywords to inter-link concepts more loosely than linking notes themselves. These tags are much more optional.