■ Growing as a leader means covering greater distance between details and strategy

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  • Leveling up is being able to cover a broader distance. Strategy and details.
  • Not stepping out of the details.
  • Details inform strategy, the more connected you are with the details, the richer and more specific the strategy you form will be.
  • I used to not be in the details and it wasn’t working, and now I’m in the details and it’s working.
  • Jeff Bezos question mark as an example.
  • Get out of the weeds, work on the business rather than in it. Advice comes from a good place, but can lead you astray.
  • See, to work on the business effectively, you need context of the business.
  • Snow first melts at the edges. You need to be at the edges.
  • Working directly on projects with people helps them gain context of strategy by osmosis through deeper collaboration, rather than purely by words and decisions.


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