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September 3, 2012culture

The last two years have been truly incredible. What started in my bedroom in the UK has taken us across the world to San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. I’m now lucky enough to work with a team on a product which reaches over 300,000 who post well over 130,000 daily posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn each day.

This is why we need one more person (you) to take Buffer to the next level. We are a tiny team of 5 and I am excited to find someone who wants to make a difference through what they work on every day.

The culture at Buffer

What we care most about, is that the whole team has a great day, every day. Therefore, we do things to be happy. Here are some of the things that define the Buffer culture:

A new approach to the daily standup

Most startups have a ritual of a daily standup meeting. Similarly to a normal standup, each person has 3 minutes to share what they’ve done that day and what they’re working on next.

The thing that makes the Buffer standup different, is a third section for each person called “improvements” where we share something we’re working on to improve ourselves. I remember this week Leo created a new schedule to continue learning Ruby and Tom decided he will speak to one new person every day as part of his personal improvement.

The Buffer rocket ship

It’s always the case, that a startup grows faster in brand awareness than the individuals working on it. I think this gives us a unique opportunity for everyone in the team to benefit.

We actively encourage and help everyone to cling on to the Buffer rocket ship so that whilst it’s soaring into the sky, you go up there with it and reach new heights of learning and reputation.

Andy has recently published on Forbes and Tom has created a technical resource with his blog which will be invaluable to any growing startup.

We focus on embracing the lean startup

Since the beginning, and to this day, we follow the lean startup concepts in a disciplined way. We are always asking "what can we do right now?", and so we are often pushing code out early to test and validate new features.

Bring more awesome to the table: is this for you?

Working at Buffer you would:

  • work primarily with myself and my co-founders Leo and Tom

  • be a happy, positive-minded and kind person who has a great approach in dealing with others

  • be a Buffer user (would be awesome, it’s cool if not)

  • have a strong technical background in

  • PHP and MongoDB to work on our web app and API, or

  • Java to build our Android app.

  • be friendly and comfortable helping our users

  • be based in the U.S. and willing to move to San Francisco

  • have experience working with another startup before (would be awesome, it’s cool if not)

Why being on board will be awesome

You’ll be amongst people who are striving for success and pushing themselves forward each and every day. Everyone here seems to progress at an incredible pace, we want to do everything to make that happen for you as well. Whether you want to start speaking, blogging, learning marketing or have other areas of personal growth, you’ll have my personal support and the whole team and a wide range of supporters as a resource too.

We provide anything you could need to have the perfect working setup, which as an example normally includes a new MacBook Air. We also offer a competitive salary in the $50k-$100k range and equity options.

Does this sound interesting for you, or someone you know? Shoot me a note directly to [email protected]. I’m excited to hear from you!

Photo credit: Judit Klein

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