Ways to save articles, quotes, etc

Thinking about how to really make use of Pocket, and generally how to save articles and have them within Bear, where they can start to be linked to each other.

Pocket is great to have separate, as it’s the “fleeting inbox” type concept where not everything that is in Pocket should end up in my longer term storage system, which is Bear.

Therefore, it works well to go through Pocket, and then any article that actually triggers a thought for me, I can transfer to Bear and then add a section for my own comments.

The question is, do I store the article in its entirety? My gut says yes, because the article could change online, the link could become broken. So if it’s more of a static piece of information where I have a thought on the current form of that information, it actually does make sense to clip the whole thing.

So, I should clip and then add my comments, and then add topic tags. I think generally I can store them in the quotes folder, either tagged as articles or links.

Other types of content that could be stored in quotes:

  • Book quotes
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Tweets

It makes sense to store as Articles, rather than Links. I should move all Links to be articles and get rid of that concept. A Tweet could be a link, but it’s not useful to categorize as a link.

That said, there is a difference between pulling out a quote from an article, vs clipping the whole article. In the same way that my books section is book quotes, not the whole book. So perhaps I actually should have a separate place that the whole article is saved. In a way, I should think of that more as an archive, and then I should link to that archive from the article quote.

So, I should think about an actual section for an archive, and I can send things from Pocket to that.

The other thing that’s useful to think about is a way to send things from Pocket that is very seamless and automates a little bit. I think an iOS shortcut could be very useful, I’m going to look into that. It could be direct from Pocket, or just from any browser.

  • [ ] I should research web clipping into Bear and the workflows others use.