The business enables the passion, the freedom, the art, doing good

There’s often a chicken and egg debate around whether you started a business in order to do good, have freedom, be creative, etc, or whether doing good, creating freedom and good lifestyle, creating art enables the business to succeed.

Ultimately, it is a virtuous cycle where the business operating well and being successful enables us to do good and to create great products, and doing those things makes the business more successful.

But ultimately, it starts with a solid business. You need a plan to generate revenue, to have the resources to invest more.

This is very represented by the early days of any venture. The early days are characterized by a focus on survival, and an urgency to become sustainable. Often in a bootstrapped startup, this is depicted by the concept of Ramen Profitability.

Nick Kokonas said this too: Nick Kokonas - Know What You Are Selling:

this will be run as business first. It's not an art project, it's a business. If we run it well as a business then we can invest more in the art and it becomes a virtuous cycle.