Reviewing annual journal entries as a form of spaced repetition

For a while now, I’ve found that reviewing journal entries from the same day in past years is an interesting and insightful practice.

And in late 2022, I decided that there was value in consolidating my note taking app with my journaling app. The closer these types of notes sat together, the more interconnected I can make them.

However, when I moved over from Day One to Bear, I found that I missed the reminders about journal entries from the past years. So I implemented a new system, using a date tag within Bear that allows me to easily view all the entries from that date of any year.

I’ve found reviewing past journal entries in Bear allows me to go back and add extra context such as tags, as well as form connections to Topic Notes.

I now realize this is a form of spaced repetition I have implemented, which benefits § My note taking system.