Reflections on notes organization

I’ve thought a number of different times about how to structure my notes. There’s the PARA concept from Tiago Forte: Projects, Areas of Responsibility, Resources, Archive.

Overall, I feel like Fleeting Inboxes, Clippings, Topics and Tags is a great system for me. But I do add a bit more structure to this concept too. Within Bear, I broadly categorize by buffer or personal. I also have a daily tag for the concept of Daily Notes, and journal entries too.

In actual fact, I wonder whether I should have overall tags:

  • fleeting
  • clipping
  • topic
  • tag

I like the simplicity and clarity of how Reflect Notes approaches organization (link):

Clicking on a backlink takes you to a dedicated note, which is what you’d want to see for an entity (like a particular person).

On other other hand, clicking on a tag takes you to a list of notes containing that tag. For example, clicking on the person tag shows you a list of all notes with that tag (i.e. all the people you’ve tagged in Reflect).