My recommendations for exploring Zettelkasten and note taking systems

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I’ve gone pretty deep in learning about various note taking approaches and systems, including Zettelkasten, Second Brain, Personal Knowledge Management, etc.

If you’re getting started exploring these concepts, here’s what I recommend reading:

  • How to Take Smart Notes: Start here, as this book has the most historical context on Zettelkasten, which I believe has been the inspiration of the recent wave in systems, content and tools. This book gave me multiple aha moments and got me committed to making some key changes to my note taking approach.
  • Digital Zettelkasten: A super short book, that helps give a bit more clarity in how to apply Zettelkasten in today’s digital world. This book helped crystallize how I should apply Zettelkasten in a digital way, within my chosen set of tools.

I’d start with those two books. They’re both relatively short (178 pages and 79 pages respectively), so you can get through them fast. If you have any interest at all in this area, I can guarantee that you’ll have a lot of food for thought from these books.

Once you’ve read these books, here are some more resources to explore:

Other books:

  • Building a Second Brain