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I think right now is a fantastic time to create a startup, especially a web startup. It’s never been easier to hack something together to validate an idea and get some traction. Still, there are plenty of struggles, and I’ve failed a few times before having some success with Buffer.

I’ve learned a lot from the time I spent on previous startups, and from some great mentors. Therefore, I’m keen to help as many other people as I can, and I’m completely open about everything. This is a key reason I blog, because I can reach many people at once. Sometimes, though, it’s useful to talk one on one about specifics. If you think that might be helpful, let’s chat!

My key experience is in the following areas: bootstrapping, validating an idea, lean startup, customer development, metrics, getting traction, press, co-founders, accelerators/incubators, raising investment, hiring, personal development, productivity. Happy to talk about other topics too.

Book office hours with me

I’d love to help you with your startup. Book a slot in my calendar for coffee if you’re in San Francisco, or a Skype call if you’re somewhere else in the world:

Email me (less effective)

If you prefer email, you can drop me a note at I get quite a lot of email so I might struggle to respond quickly, or even at all. Tweet me or send it me again if you don’t hear from me after a few days and I’ll try my best to put you at the top of my list :)

Photo credit: Peter Renshaw

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